The workout generally refers to the exercises meant for the upper part of the human body – usually from the head to the waist. These workouts focus on toning and enhancing the upper body mass and figure. The workout includes the toning of the face muscles, bones, neck, shoulders, chest, back, and belly till the waist. All these come under the upper-body mass.

And certain exercises are meant for these particular parts of the body.

Benefits of upper body workout

  • Upper body workout tones the facial muscles and bones
  • They keep away neck related issues
  • They keep away back pain
  • They strengthen the waist and chest area
  • They burn calories and fats in the belly
  • They shape up the entire upper body into the perfect figure

Examples of upper body workout

  • Stretching arms
  • Neck workouts
  • Triceps workout
  • Biceps workout
  • Planks
  • Bench press

Apart from these, all the chest, arm, belly, and back workouts are applicable here.

8 Best Upper Body workout

  1. Bent-over row.
  2. Arnold press.
  3. Dumbbell bench press.
  4. Pullover.
  5. Dumbbell rear-delt fly.
  6. Standing biceps curl.
  7. Skull crusher press.
  8. Seated overhead triceps extension.

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The upper body workouts are the ones that are specially meant for the toning and enhancing of the upper parts of the body. These exercised are extremely helpful to lose your weight and to keep you fit and active.

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