bodyweight back exercises (no equipment)

The bodyweight back exercises are the ones which are meant to tone up and shape up your entire body and especially the back of your body. These exercises are mostly preferred to be practised at home. They are the ones who are done both by men and women.

Types of bodyweight back exercises

The bodyweight back exercises are easy to carry out. They are the ones which can be practised just with a mat.

  1. Lower plank
  2. High plank
  3. Pull-ups
  4. Push-ups
  5. Stretches

Advantages of the exercises

  • They build a more muscular back.
  • They build a healthy body.
  • They tone your posture.
  • They increase stability.
  • They increase the physique.


These workouts are meant to bring up anyone into shape without the use of any bars or special equipment. Thus, this makes the exercises a must-try at home every day for better results on health and body. These workouts keep the overall stamina intact and don’t allow small issues to form inside the body.

They keep the muscle pain and other health issues away, thereby refreshing the body as well as the mind. All that it needs is some training and determined reasons to achieve the desired figure.

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standing bodyweight back exercises

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