What’S up elite calisthenics athlete. Today I’ll show you a full triceps workout that targets all three of your triceps heads. This is extremely important with triceps training. Therefore, the choice of exercises you choose should be so diverse that they become focus on all three triceps heads. Of course, if you’re training your triceps and get away from your elbow, you will always use your triceps Depending on the exercise. The angle and the position: can you emphasize every triceps head to ensure that you get a full triceps workout that you will really benefit from And best of all you can do this workout anywhere perform as there are no machines and no equipment needed, which also means There are no excuses So if you’re ready to start right now is the first exercise, I have to show you increased pike, push-ups, Remember when you get off your elbow and stretch training triceps, you always get all hit your triceps heads, but this exercise will emphasize the Long triceps head

Let’S do 15 reps So find a raised surface Lift as much as you can Keep your legs straight and your hips straight. You should have a straight line from your toes too your hips and from your hips to your hands. Let’S go down with the crown of your head And back again: 15 reps, Okay! So let’s move on to the next exercise. These will be bank dips Well, depending on how you do your bench dips. Will this determine the triceps head that you will focus on Since this exercise with is carried out behind the back of our hands? As you can see, we are already tensioning the long head of our triceps. The bench dip really gets your long triceps head edit, but depending on your hand, position is more your lateral or medial head trained.

So, let’s go straight to these bench dips. When you have your hand like this, we will both on the long head as well as on the lateral side. If you now change your hand, position and move, we have the side, intervention more focused on medial intervention. So, let’s do a few reps. We’re going to do. 20 Goes all the way back upstairs and try again Lean on those triceps. Here we go. Okay. The next exercise is cross triceps extensions, And for this one we will be the focus Put on the long head and the side length. Let’S get down on the ground Now we’re getting out of this position, put our hand sideways and the other hand too, and we go all the way down and come back upstairs immediately. Okay, we’ll be on both sides. Do six repetitions, If you can’t do it like this, just get on your knees And from your knees, you should go from knee to shoulder.

Once you’ve done it on both sides changes the position of the hands and complete the other six. Okay: let’s go Music goes on. Okay switch now, Music get on Okay, that’s pretty tough, so master! Your knees first builds up these repetitions and then tries it in the push-up position. Okay, the next one we have is going to be Skull. Breaker Now think about your hand, placement

When your hands are full grab, more lateral ones and medial head and when you start to position your hand – maybe here or even here you can work more on your medial triceps, But don’t worry This exercise targets all of your triceps heads Here we go. We get a raised surface From here. We go straight down with the elbows hold on to the core hold on to the whole body, And you will all the way back return to a full extent, while keeping your core taut and keep your body in perfect position. Let’S do 20 Music goes on. Music goes on Alright. Now we’re going to look at triceps extensions, It’s just like we do it on the floor Check it out. We go into a plank position: Firm, core hips high, don’t let your hips sag Keep the perfect shape And then we will press down with our hands To let us down. If this is too difficult, get on your knees and get started.

Let’S do 20 Music goes on Phew, okay, we’re almost there. We still have two exercises. The next exercise will be diamond push ups I’ll, do a quick set, Don’t give up now because we’re almost there If you have to get on your knees. Just do it Be humble in your training and trains, what you actually do with perfect shape can do but challenges yourselves. That will make you a lot stronger and move you forward much faster. Instead of wanting to do repetitions that you have not yet learned to control or the right shape, You will run around in circles, and that gets you nowhere. So if you have to get on your knees, make it easy In a few weeks, will you just do it like that 20? Let’S go All right, then, So we are at the final exercise And for this exercise I really want to emphasize our medial head of our triceps. So we’ll do them like this, with our grip, We’re going to do pseudo push ups, I showed you this exercise before, and the secret of superhuman strength is that we will push out from our waistlines.

This is a pretty difficult move now, So, if you’re just getting started, keep your hands in this position and go down as far as possible so that you can still finish the repetitions and achieved a complete sequence of movements. You may be with this movement forever. Lower hands can repeat the more you exercise. So let’s go to the final reps. We’re going to do 15. We now lie down flat, Put your feet flat against the wall Hands as deep as possible. Here we go Uff. Okay, so that was the first round from home. You can do the triceps training anywhere No equipment, no machines, no excuses. So come back to that video, and let’s do this routine together.

The next time you’re looking for a looking for highly effective home triceps workouts.

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