exercise for hips

Exercises for Hips

Hip conditioning is extremely important for staying fit and fine. Regular stretching of hip muscles provides you the required stability. Due to a lack of exercise and healthy food, many people tend to have weak hips which in turn restricts them to carry heavy loads. For better health, hip exercises must be done regularly.

Let us know about some hip exercises which are incredibly awesome for people of all age categories.

  1. Frankenstein Walk

 Through this method, one can painlessly increase your flexibility. While doing hip exercises, you must maintain a good posture. In this exercise, you need to stand erect with your palms facing down. Try bringing your one leg up but make sure that you are maintaining the 90-degree angle. It is mandatory to do it for at least  2 minutes.

  1. Hip Circles

 It is one of the easiest hip exercises with the help of which you can add more flexibility to your body. It is necessary to stand on your right leg with the other leg lifted. Do at least 15 circles in each of the directions. Also, keep changing your legs.

  1. Sidestep Exercise

 In this exercise, you need to keep your toes and hips straight. Stand in a half-squat position but do not forget using the resistance band around your lower thighs. Try taking small steps to the sides. It is recommended to use a thicker band while doing the above-mentioned .

Exercise for hips

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