Nowadays, leg issues have become a common problem for all. The solution to it, are regular leg workouts. Leg workouts keep your muscles and bones intact. It also enhances your flexibility which keeps the regular pain away. In the earlier weeks of leg workouts, you might undergo aches and that is completely normal. Do not get swayed away by such aches and pains. Such pains and aches are known as after-workout aches. This is the reason as to why one should practice leg workouts regularly. Irregularity in your workouts may not give you the desired results.

Advantages of Leg Workouts:

1. Squats help in enhancing the power of core muscles.
2. Leg workouts increase your heart rate which in turn is a sort of cardio exercise.
3. Leg workouts become the base of all other workouts. A stronger leg will surely cause you no problem while doing other exercises.
4. Leg Workouts are practiced by billions of people aiming for a fit and a slim body. The exercises burn out the fats and thus, give you a slim body.

Warm Up

Posterior Swing

Overhead Squat+ Calf Raise

Faux Jump Rope/ Run in Place

Leg Workout with Dumbbells

A1: Deep Reverse Lunge 3×16

A2: Kettlebell Swings/ Dumbbell Swings 3×12

B1: Goblet Drop Squat/ No Dumbbell 3×12

B2: Kickstand Deadlift 3×8 each leg

B3: Iso Squat with Side Taps/ 1/4 Squat 3×30 seconds

C1: One Leg Bridge/ No Dumbbell 2×20 each leg

C2: Frog Pump/ No Dumbbell 2×20

C3: Calf Jumps/ Calf Raises 2×20

Cool Down

Seated Hamstring

Seated Lower Back

Seated Calf

Sprinter Quad Stretch


 Leg workouts aren’t suitable for heart patients. The condition can become worse. Proper consultation is mandatory before doing such arduous workouts.

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