core workouts

Are you up to a core workout?

Core workouts are the ones that are specially meant for strengthening the muscles of the lower back or the abdominal area of the body. These parts of the body are packed with muscles, and thus it increases the chances of getting muscle cramps and other health issues.

Benefits of core workouts

1)It tightens the abdominal structures.

2)It regulates proper muscle movement.

3)Strengthens the stabilization of the torso.

4)Improves the respiratory function.

5)It reduces the chances of injury in the particular parts of the body.

6)It improves muscle strength.

7)It can tone the abs.

8)It can also stabilize your entire body.

With these advantages of core workouts, one can’t run away from them.

Core workout examples

Some examples of the core workouts are –

  • Plank
  • Panther shoulder tap
  • Butterfly sit-up
  • Dead bug
  • Bicycle crunch
  • V-sit pose
  • Side plank
  • Bridge


The core workouts are a must in any workout routine you follow. These workouts add up to you your fitness and strength. They increase and boost the endurance of the body along with the metabolism.

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