dumbbell bicep workout

Biceps play an inherent role in giving you an appropriate look. It makes you look appealing and well maintained. Dumbbell Biceps Workouts are extremely important for fitness freaks. A bicep workout of at least thirty minutes is necessary to maintain it. Irregularity in your workouts will make your biceps look futile.

Let us get into the details of some bicep workouts which you must do regularly:


  1. Alternated Biceps Curl

 Stand up in an upright posture and try bringing the dumbbell up to your shoulders. As you bring the first dumbbell up, the other must come down. It is recommended not to shift and jerk your upper body.

  1. Biceps Curl

 In this method, you need to simultaneously work with your hands. It is necessary to ensure that both the hands are coming up to the shoulder level.

  1. Hammer curls

 In this method of bicep workout, you need to hold the dumbbells straight. You should think that you are holding a hammer. Your palms should face inward and therefore, the thumbs should face up.


 There are other methods that are as productive as the stated ones. Only a dumbbell bicep workout will not help you to gain muscles. A proper diet is also mandatory for keeping up your biceps.

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