Arm Workouts at home – without any instruments

Workouts are simple formulas of staying fit. Arm workouts are not just meant for the ones whose arms have accumulated fats, but it is also recommended for the normal people who face the problems of aches in their arms or shoulders. Exercising is like oiling the entire body, and each part of our body should go for workouts.

Advantages of arm workouts at home no equipments

Arm workouts have various advantages like:

  1. Strengthening abs
  2. Strengthening core muscles
  3. Making arms straighter and stronger
  4. Building muscles
  5. Building strong bones and resistance
  6. Increasing the posture and form

Many arm workouts can be done at home through simple things, even without using any heavy instruments like dumbbells. Here are a few of them.

Examples of arm workouts

  • Plank
  • Reverse plank
  • Tricep dip
  • Eccentric Push-up

These are some of the simple arm workouts that can be tried at home. These are meant both for men and women equally.


Arm workouts don’t always require dumbbells, but they can be carried out with simple exercises. All you need is a mat and some determination to get your desired arm posture and form.

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